Our story

Our history of creating gift sets began in childhood.

Hello everyone, we are sisters Olga and Oleksa from Ukraine.

Our history of creating gift sets began in childhood. When we were in elementary school, we used to save some of our pocket money to buy Christmas presents for our parents, grandma, and everyone close to us. We have always wanted to give something original and unique. At first, we just bought pretty paper, ribbons, and stickers and made handmade gift cards. Our mom still keeps them. Then we wove various bracelets and earrings and gave them along with those handmade cards for Mother's Day to aunt, mother, and grandmother.

By the time we were in high school, all our classmates had already nicknamed us ‘’Sisters' Gifts’’ haha) so the name of the store came naturally.

Classmates began to ask us to help them collect gifts for their loved ones. We were told what their budget for a gift and wish was, and my sister and I went shopping in search of various cute things and cards. And then we completed everything in one small box, tying it with a beautiful ribbon. It was the very beginning!

After some time, our favorite hobby began to develop into a small business, and here we are. Due to our gift boxes, many people have the opportunity to say "I love you", "I'm sorry" and "I miss you" from a distance. Since the beginning of the quarantine, many of our relatives have been stuck in different parts of our planet and we think that a gift box is a great chance to send your hugs across the miles.

We also want to convey our support and love to our Ukrainian people, people who were forced to flee the war. Therefore, we will donate 20% of all your purchases to help Ukrainian refugees.

Make Love - Not War!